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Institute of Certified Financial Managers

Address by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent, Patron ICFM

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Accelerating globalization of business and investment imposes on accountants and financiers to the new requirements. They need to use the significant opportunities that arise in this case. Today, more than ever, it must be true professionals.

However, this applies not only to financial directors of large companies, but finance directors and managers of small and medium businesses. The significance of the role of a professional financial manager increases exponentially. The financial manager is a vital member of the management team, actively participating in the planning, design and execution of business strategies of the company.

I am pleased to see how the professional experience of financial management gained in the West today, is distributed to professionals in Eastern Evrropy. I regularly visit this part of the world and is witnessing a rapidly developing economy of these countries. I can see Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries have become an integral part of the global economic system by integrating it with great speed.

The Institute of Certified Financial Managers is designed to help financial managers and directors of Eastern Europe become full members of the global professional community. This creates the opportunity to share knowledge and opinions, and allow them to share their experiences with their Western counterparts. I firmly believe that the Institute will make a significant contribution to the prosperity and strengthening the competitiveness of companies in these countries.