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Institute of Certified Financial Managers

Message from the Director of the ICFM-Global

Dear Colleagues,

Today there are a growing number of professional organizations representing the interests of accountants at all levels. Some of them work successfully with financial experts for many years, while others are much younger and have been designed to work in new or specialized niches of the financial sector.

Institute of Certified Financial Managers (ICFM) was established as a professional organization for financial managers and financial directors, working in commerce and industry. Professional money managers have a key role in the success of companies in a wide range of businesses. These professionals are very important to the success of the ICFM and there in order to facilitate the recognition of professional and career development with recognized qualifications, certification of achievement and continuous professional support.

ICFM - a joint initiative of two long-established professional organizations: Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, the world's largest organization of this type, numbering more than 240 000 students and members in more than 70 countries, and the Institute of Commerce, one of the oldest British professional organizations, celebrated its century, in 2007 year.

ISFMvneset contribute to the development of the profession of the financier, providing financial structure of the career development of managers and directors, which accurately reflects the new requirements for these professionals, imposed by globalization of the financial sector and the need for any company to compete successfully in world markets.

Every company needs a good financial management. Programs developed by the ICFM meet the high standards expected by professionals and substantial interest in them has been shown worldwide, including the UK, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

ISFMsozdan professionals for professionals. The Institute was established to create the conditions under which financial managers and directors may receive and professional qualifications, and on recognition of their profession. The Institute exists to support their professional growth throughout their careers.

ICFM welcomes you and invites your organization to collaborate.

With best wishes,

Garry Carter
ICFM Global