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Institute of Certified Financial Managers

ICFM Membership

Benefits of ICFM QualificationsICFM delegates at Bookkeepers Summit, London

  • Qualifications and examinations are developed by leading experts of ICFM Britain, translated and adapted to Russian professionals in finance, accounting and management.
  • Exam Objectives meet the highest international standards.
  • Full program of ICFM correspond to levels 5 and 6 of the UK National Qualifications Framework.
  • Full program of ICFM is more than 500 hours, which corresponds to the professional training programs according to Russian standards of
    education (Decree of the State Committee of Russia of 27.12.95 № 13).
  • Students have employment opportunities through leading recruitment agencies of Russia - who are partners of ICFM.
  • Franchise Programme for ICFM Delegates

  • Members will be able to communicate with their colleagues from all cities in Russia and Eastern Europe at a special ICFM forum.
  • Members can get expert help from ICFM teachers online.
  • Upon completion of studies, students will receive an electronic copy of their diploma for use in finding a job or other situations.

    Benefits of ICFM Membership

  • ICFM members have access to the closed part of the site that hosts the most recent content from leading experts in the field of financial management
  • ICFM members can post their resume in a closed part of the site
  • Employers and leading recruitment agencies have access to databases of graduates for future employment
  • ICFM members have access to the lectures of qualified professionals and top educators from around the world
  • Some materials can be converted into a format suitable for listening or viewing on mobile phones
  • ICFM members can improve their skills every year
  • ICFM members can receive online CPD training 
  • ICFM members can communicate with other members of the forum
  • ICFM members are eligible to receive special benefits and discounts from ICFM partners around the world

  • Graduates, students and members of the ICFM ICFM program may participate in the activities of the ICFM.

    ICFM delegates with HRH Prince Michael of Kent
    Get information on recent developments in financial management and accounting

  • Meet with business partners and expand the circle of business acquaintances
  • Participate in delegations and business briefings, including the Council in accordance with IFRS, the London Stock Exchange and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Treasury and Parliament of Great Britain
  • Become an active participant in professional conferences and seminars in Russia, the UK and across Europe
  • To discuss economic issues for the "round table"
  • Participate in ICFM member meetings held in Europe
  • Receive a weekly business news digest by e-mail or via the ICFM website
  • Act as sponsors of events ICFM and its partners