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Institute of Certified Financial Managers

ICFM Qualifications


The main direction of ICFM - preparation and consolidation of financial managers and directors, all professionals in the field of financial management.

Structure of Programmes

The ICFM programme consists of three levels. These levels were designed to be useful for users with different levels of knowledge and experience. By the end of the programme, you will have all the knowledge and skills necessary for professionals in the field of financial management.

*Professional Financial Manager* Qualification

Module 1: IFRS and Financial Accounting
Module 2: Cost Accounting
Module 3: Financial Management and Financial Analysis

*Certified Financial Manager* Qualification

Module 1: Management Accounting and Decision Making
Module 2: Investment Management
Module 3: Law

*Certified Financial Director*

Module 1: HR of Finance Department
Module 2: Strategic Financial Management
Module 3: Corporate Finance


Professional Internal Auditor
IFRS for Specialists in Banking
Financial English

What is the ICFM programme?

The programme is designed in such a way as to cover all the necessary questions for a professional financial director, as well as provide a logical path of development for beginners to experts.

*Specialists in finance and related professions
*Experts in the field of business management
*Chief accountants who want to move up the career ladder
*Those who wish to gain new knowledge in this area
*Those who wish to refresh their knowledge
*Employers who would like to use the ICFM as part of motivation and training