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Institute of Certified Financial Managers

ICFM - Ukraine

ICFM Ukraine

The Institute of Certified Financial Managers Ukraine implements and conducts extensive work in Ukraine specialists to prepare for the qualified ¬ fikatsionnym examinations and subsequent certification of financial directors, financial managers and chief accountants of companies.

Our job as a Partner ICFM - Ukraine, has been recognized in the economic community com ¬ Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Only in the last 3 years my professional qualifications of the program ICFM increased about 4 650 professionals representing companies large and mid ¬ of business, budget and public sector organizations.

Traditional annual conferences and forums held in the UK and Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan in other countries, provide an opportunity to acquire and develop new forms of business cooperation. The Conference participants have the opportunity to meet and hear the views of the world's leading experts, those who influence the development and strengthening of the financial sector, legal and judicial aspects of financial reporting and auditing standards in many countries around the world, those who are using or planning to use IFRS and ISA  in their work.

Conduct of International Business Conference, which support government agencies and ministries of Ukraine.

We have deployed a network of 20 accredited training centers, located in  charged regions of Ukraine. The presence of the Methodological Centre ICFM - Ukraine and independent a reporter - a center of expertise. Work on continuous professional development of certified professionals implementation ¬ mented ICFM in accordance with the requirements and the application of international standards. In the certification of specialists uses ICFM International Education Standard of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

ICFM - Ukraine has the best certified business - the consultants, experts, practitioners, faculty members, who not only carry out the educational process, but also actively preparing teachers for accredited ¬ bathrooms regional training centers. Operation and development of ICFM - Ukraine, carried out in close collaboration with an international network of coordinators and the Council Global ICB / ICFM, as well as the Board of Trustees and co-operation with governmental agencies, international and national organizations.

On behalf of the ICFM - Ukraine to invite all professionals interested in improving their competi ¬ petitiveness at a time when Ukrainian enterprises to go global financial markets, to co-operate with us. We thank all partners and professionals, for their invaluable support and assistance, for your confidence in us.

One of the priorities of the ICFM - Ukraine is a market research, development and implementation of measures for the development of international programs in Ukraine, promotion of trade financier and manager in Ukraine


Contact ICFM Ukraine:

01001, Ukraine, Kiev
T. Shevcenko Lane 13, office 9 ( Maydan Nezalezhnosti)

Tel fax: + 38 044 461 94 62 +38 044 251 18 07

Email: office@icfm.org.ua

Website: www.icfm.org.ua








Coordinator ICFM in Ukraine and Georgia

Helen Khorikova



Helen Ukraine


Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ICFM Ukraine

Ivan Nesterenko


Ivan Resterenko


Director of the Methodological Centre ICFM in Ukraine

Lybov Kosovets


Kosovets Ukraine


Head of the Department of Accreditation and Quality Control  ICFM in Ukraine

Dmitro Arlachev




Head of an Expert - a reporter Center ICFM in Ukraine

Tim John Woodhouse
     Mariya Syeryekova       


Woodhouse - Ukraine